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AAP Announces New Immunization Guidelines for Kids, Teens

This year's immunization guidelines cover a range of conditions such as influenza, pertussis and genital warts. Credit: Justin Sullivan, G...Among the new guidelines is a recommendation that adolescents get a booster dose of meningococcal vaccine.

Multiple Concussions in High School Athletes Linked to Lasting Health Issues

Study shows that high school athletes who experience head trauma show signs of "post-concussion syndrome." Credit: Wade Payne, AP Rep...Repeated concussions suffered by college and professional athletes have been a growing concern in recent years because of their potential long-term impact on the brain. Now a study finds that the damage may begin much earlier -- in high school.

Do You Go Tanning With Your Kids?

If you go tanning with your kid, are you setting them up for a future of health problems and, perhaps worse, a starring role on "Jersey Sh...

Average Child May Get 7 Radiation Scans by Age 18

The growth of CT scans in recent decades has led to big increases in the average American's total radiation exposure. Credit: Corbis CH...The amount of radiation exposure that children will have by the time they are 18 is a worrisome trend.

New California Law Mandates Whooping Cough Booster Shot for Teens

Come September, teens won't be allowed in public or private schools without proof of a whooping cough booster shot. Credit: Getty If ...New California law requires kids in grades seven through 12 to get whooping cough vaccine.

Ohio Child Cancers Confound Parents, Investigators

Tanner Hisey, center, puts icing on Christmas cookies with his sister Siera, right, and half-sister Tyler Smith in their home near Clyde, ...Every time his kids cough, Dave Hisey's mind starts to race. Is it cancer? Is it coming back?

Should the Government Do More to Stop Kids From Smoking?

Should Uncle Sam keep your kid from lighting up? Credit: Corbis By now we all know that smoking is bad for your health. But some believe...

ER Trips for Food Allergies Higher Than Ever

Peanut butter is off limits for many kids with food allergies. Credit: Corbis Parents who want to keep their kids out of ER may want ...Parents who want to keep their kids out of ER may want to skip the milk, eggs and peanut butter aisles at the grocery store.


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