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No Link Found Between ADHD Drugs and Heart Problems

WebMD reports kids who take drugs for ADHD are not at a greater risk for heart attacks or strokes. Credit: Getty Images If you're bombi...Researchers found no connection between heart attacks, strokes and ADHD medications.

CT Scans Not Always Best Response to Head Injuries

It might be a good idea to observe children for awhile before getting them a CT scan. Credit: Getty Images One of the first things you ...Your kid ought to have his head examined? Maybe. Maybe not.

Canadian Kids Waiting Too Long for Surgery, Researchers Say

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Twenty-seven percent of children linger too long on government waiting lists for necessary surger...
Kids waiting three years for surgeries they should get in three months.

Safe Kids USA Helps Soothe Parental Fears

Safe Kids USA is sponsoring a webcast to educate parents about sports injury prevention. Credit: Corbis Is it safe to sleep with your b...Organization helps prevent childhood injuries.

Safe Kids USA and Johnson & Johnson to Air Webcast on Sports Injuries

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Johnson & Johnson are sponsoring a webcast May 2 at 12 p.m., to educate parents of...
Panel will discuss preventable sports injuries in children.

Dr. Mom Shouldn't Be the One Diagnosing Sports Injuries

Watch a video on how to avoid children's sports injuries.
Leave it to the real doctors, Dr. Mom! Credit: Corbis Can you move your a...
Survey: Parents admit they don't know enough about sports-related injuries.

A 10-Minute Cardiac Test Could Save Children's Lives

Researchers suggest parents add an electrocardiogram to their children's medical checkups as a precaution. Credit: Getty Images Heart...
Potentially fatal heart conditions often go undetected.

Food Allergies More Likely in First-Born Children, Study Finds

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First-borns are more likely to be allergic to certain foods, a new study says. Credit: Getty Image...
Your big sister may pick on you, but at least she's allergic to peanuts.


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