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Link Found Between Teen Sex and Divorce Rate

A study has shown that teens who engage in sexual intercourse at a young age are more likely to get divorced. Credit: Getty Images
Teenage girls may want to save themselves for marriage, that is, if they want to stay married.
Girls who save themselves for marriage more likely to stay married.

Celebrating Fathers' Day, Plural

On Sunday, my household will observe a holiday that is somehow universal and statistically rare all at once: Fathers' Day. Note the location of the apostrophe, indicating the plural possessive form, which is to say two dads but only one day. W...For this family, Father's Day means two dads, one holiday.
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My Kids Fight All the Time! How Do I Stop Sibling Rivalry?

Dear AdviceMama, What can I do about my children's sibling rivalry? They fight all the time! Signed, Exasperated Mom Dear Exasperated, It's natural for children to feel frustrated when big sister takes the last cookie, or little br...When siblings cannot negotiate disagreements without hurting one another parents need to take action.

Surviving a Summer of Shared Custody

Juggling separate vacations with camp and daycare schedules can throw everyone off-kilter. Credit Getty Images For divorced moms and dads, sharing custody during summer vacation can be a challenge. Juggling separate vacations with camp...Juggling separate vacations with camp and daycare schedules can throw everyone off-kilter -- but these tips can help make sure your custody schedule doesn’t put a damper on summer fun.

Oh, Behave: The Word 'Gay' Does Not Equal 'Stupid'

I thought my nephew was a linguistic genius when he said he was "being have." His mother had admonished him about something, and she'd told him to "behave." His indignant response was, "I am being have." Genius, I thought. Be good, be quiet, behav...This mommy blogger tackles the word "gay" as a substitute for "stupid."

Your Turn: Honoring Our Grandmothers

My grandmother was a wonderful source of inspiration. Her intrepid, fun-loving character -- and the support she always provided -- greatly encouraged me in the pursuit of my dreams.
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My grandmother was a wonderful source of inspiration.

Meant to Be: A Letter to My Daughter on Her Birthday

Long ago, before there was you, when Daddy was not yet Daddy and I was not yet Papa, he and I promised each other that someday we would be parents. We had a wedding and bought a house, but then let more than a decade pass while we waited to be "ready...The doubters didn't stop us: Our course was set.

Babies Adopted From Other Countries Have Trouble Speaking Canadian English, French

When babies are adopted from other countries, learning the Canadian forms of English and French can be difficult. Credit: Getty Images Cut babies some slack, eh? Speaking Canadian is tough. These are people who go out and about and c...New researchers oot aboot difficulty picking up language in Canada.


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