Trying to Get Pregnant? Start Flossing

Credit: Getty Images
Trying to get pregnant? Be sure to floss.
BBC News reports an Australian study presented at a fertility meeting...
Study shows women with gum disease take longer to conceive.

Researchers Say Caffeine May Cause Infertility

Caffeine or baby, caffeine or baby? Credit: Getty Images
Caffeine can not only make you jumpy, it can make you infertile.
MSNBC repo...
Lab mice become infertile after the equivalent of two cups of coffee.

Illinois a Hotbed for Europeans Seeking Surrogates

Looking for a surrogate? Illinois is the place to be. Credit: Getty Images Having a baby is taking on a new twist for U.S. women who ...Parents are willing to pay about $50,000 to $100,000 -- part of which goes to the surrogate -- to have biological children.

Frozen Donor Eggs Could Give Women More Pregnancy Options

Freezing donor eggs -- or your own -- could be a viable option for young women who want to postpone pregnancy. Credit: Getty Images Goo...Frozen donor eggs may work just as well as fresh ones.

Doctors Try to Save Fertility of Children With Cancer

Young adults too often aren't told in time about fertility preservation options. Credit: AP WASHINGTON (AP) - The treatment beating bac...It may sound odd to discuss fertility issues still decades away even as parents agonize over whether a child will live or die.

Stringent Policy Puts Sperm in Short Supply in Melbourne, Australia

A medical worker works on a dish ready for intracytoplasmic sperm injection. Credit: Georges Gobet, AFP/Getty Images If you're living i...Just 184 registered sperm donors are left in the state of Victoria.

Experts Debating Whether Insurance Should Cover Infertility Treatments Under New Law

Should health insurance cover infertility treatments? Credit: Getty Today, most couples undergoing infertility treatments are paying ou...Experts are looking into coverage for infertility treatments under the new health care laws.

It's Complicated: Mom Freezes Her Eggs So Daughter Can Create Future Family

Penny Jarvis is freezing her eggs for her daughter, Mackenzie, to use. Credit: Caters News/
Granny or Mom?
That's a questi...
Woman's daughter, 2, could one day give birth to her own half-sister.


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