Want to Make a Baby? Check Out the Latest App

A new IVF app may help predict the potential for pregnancy. Credit: Getty Before heading down the sometimes emotionally traumatic, of...Want help predicting IVF success? There's an app for that.

Looking for Mr. Dad? Find the Right Sperm Donor With a Dossier

Want your baby to look like Brad Pitt? Pick your sperm donor wisely. Credit: Corbis Parents who are making babies -- in vitro style -...Want your baby to have brown eyes, dark hair and look like Taylor Lautner? Enter the personalized sperm bank.

Sperm Banks Offer Last-Minute Holiday Sales

Talk about giving a personal gift. Credit: Getty Here's a not-so-subtle gift that brings families together -- or at least tries to crea...Not sure what gift to give this season? Try sperm!

Surrogacy Goes Global With Concierge-Like Ordering Service

Where in the world would you like your surrogate to be from? An online service lets you pick and choose. Credit: Getty Remember when ...Place your baby order now! Surrogate from Italy. Sperm donor from India. Egg donor from Bulgaria.

'Desperate Housewives' Actress Uses Yoga to Help Women Facing Fertility Issues

Brenda Strong, with her son, Zak, uses yoga to help women with fertility issues. Credit: Axelle/
There isn't a neighbor residing ...
Brenda Strong is helping women and couples facing fertility issues.

Tips for Facing Infertility During the Holidays

As a person dealing with fertility issues, Lori LeRoy finds the holidays especially difficult. Credit: Kevin Foster
Every bit as much as she embra...
Can't handle another holiday card with a cute baby on it? Experts offer advice for getting through the holidays when you face infertility issues.

Fat Would-Be Dads Lower Chance of Pregnancy

Gentlemen, you have to lose the baby weight before getting pregnant. Credit: Getty Images
Guys, it's not just that those beer bellies and extra po...
Plan to be a pop? Better bust that gut now.

In Vitro Pioneer Wins Medicine Nobel

British physiologist Robert Edwards, left, attends the 30th anniversary of the world's first "test tube" fertilization baby Louise Joy Brown, right,...Did you use in vitro to conceive your bundle of joy? Then join the Nobel committee in giving props to Robert Edwards. The Nobel people are giving him $1.5 million, so maybe you can just give him a card.


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