No Need to Delay Getting Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage, Study Says

Study shows there's no need to wait Credit: Getty Images
Having a miscarriage can be emotionally devastating -- perhaps even more so for women ...
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How Do You Help a Friend After a Miscarriage?

Dear AdviceMama, A couple close to our family was thrilled to find out they were finally pregnant. We just found out that the mother had a miscar...

To Do List: Pick Up Milk, Bread, Sperm Test

Men may soon be able to check their sperm count in the comfort of their own homes. Credit: Jung Yeon-Je, AFP / Getty Images
Cold exam rooms an...

Many Frozen Embryos Go Unused, Study Says

A researcher handles frozen embryonic stem cells in a laboratory at the Univestiry of Sao Paulo's human genome research center, in Sao Paulo, Br...

Surrogate: An Answer to Infertility Problems

Surrogacy is a common solution to infertility Credit: Getty Images
A surrogate is a woman who agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for ...

Fertility Calendar: Get Help With Conception

Fertility calendars can increase chances of pregnancy Credit: Getty Images
Fertility calendars or calculators can help couples who would like to...

Chinese Birth Calendar: What Is It?

Chinese symbols Credit: Corbis
The Chinese Birth Calendar, also called a Chinese gender chart, is a way to predict your baby's gender by inputti...

Trying to Conceive? We've Got Some Tips!

Having trouble conceiving? Credit: Getty Images
We spend the early years of adulthood trying not to have a baby, only to discover that -- once w...


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