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Beauty After Motherhood: Celeb Before and Afters

Maybe it's the extra curves, maybe it's that new mama glow. Whatever it is, these celebs are pictured looking more radiant than ever after they became moms. Check out before and after photos of some of our favorite celebrity moms.
These celebs are pictured looking more radiant than ever after they became moms.

Are You Paying for Day Care or a Human TV Remote?

This probably doesn't happen often -- your kids are more likely in front of the TV. Credit: Getty Images
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
It could be your kids while you're at work. Odds are, they spend more time with SpongeB...
Researchers find many day care centers rely on TV rather than human interaction.

Steps to Stepfamily Success

Typical multi-home stepfamilies are like intact biological families in many ways. But, they differ structurally, developmentally and dynamically in many ways too. Stepfamilies who aren't aware of these differences risk using biological family...Learning to live well in a new family takes time. Everyone has a lot to learn, including how to cope in a new environment.

Test Scores Go Up When Learning Is Combined With Fitness

Exercising every school day for 40 minutes in a regimen that includes flexing a few mental muscles increased test scores in elementary school students. Credit: Getty Images In one class, you run mathematical equations. In the next, you...Study blurs the line between physical educaton and other classes.

Kids Answer: What Do Parents Really Do at Work?

On April 28, AOL celebrated National Take Your Child to Work Day in a big way to show kids that work is not just a mythical place where people in suits type on computers all day (OK, so maybe it is that type of place). We unleashed 7-year-old repo...Our 7-year-old adorable reporter asks kids what they think their parents do at work. The answers are hilarious!
Ray Kachatorian

Kid-Friendly Living Room Decorating

A living room that's comfortable, stylish and appreciated by all age groups? It's possible.
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A living room that's comfortable, stylish and appreciated by all age groups? It's possible.

Plant a Garden, Pack a Picnic: An Earth Day Family To-Do List

Watch a video to learn how to make earth day crafts with your kids!
Plant a garden or a tree as a family! Credit: Getty Images Tired of trying to explain global warming and begging your kids to turn off the lights to conserve energy?...
Reducing your carbon footprint can be fun.

Your Baby: Going Green From Head to Toe

Credit: Corbis From organic food to eco-friendly fashion and hybrid cars, more and more people, including new parents, are "going green" these days. But, with so much information out there, the lifestyle change can often be overwhelmin...In honor of Earth Day, here are a few easy ways that you - and your baby- can "go green."


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