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Can What You Eat During Pregnancy Make Your Baby Fat?

Watch a video on what to eat during pregnancy.
A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter the DNA of her child. Credit: Keith Brofsky, Getty Images Moms who pack on the pounds during pregnancy aren't the only ones ...
Craving chocolate during pregnancy? You might want to read this study before you dive in.

Pregnant Moms Who Exercise Help Baby's Heart, Too, Study Finds

Watch a video on exercising during pregnancy!
Pregnant moms who exercise deliver healthier babies, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Images Not too long ago, it was considered healthy for pregnant moms to take a break from the gym a...
Exercise will pump you up, but it also pumps up your baby.

Condoms for Tweens: Philly Health Department Passing Out Protection to 11-Year-Olds

Free condoms in middle schools are a rising trend. Credit: Getty Images Your daughter is turning 11 and wants to host a sleepover. If you want to make the celebration really special, spice things up by allowing her to invite some ...Children in Philadelphia sexually active at shockingly young ages and in shockingly strange ways.

Hispanic Kids Don't Get Enough Exercise, Study Finds

Watch Video Related to Hispanic Exercise
Hispanics don't exercise all that much in their spare time, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Images After a grueling day of intense, physical, back-breaking labor, you know what you need? A ...
Kids' activities, at least during leisure time, mirrors that of adults.

Wrist Size in Kids May Indicate Future Heart Disease Risk

Watch video and take tips from our Healthy Family Challengers on how to get your family in shape!
Its all in the wrists! Credit: Getty Images
"It's all in the wrist" has new meaning for overweight kids.
Researchers have found the ...
"It's all in the wrist" has new meaning for overweight kids.

New Parents Eat More, Exercise Less Than Their Childless Peers

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Diet habits are worse among new parents. Credit: Getty Images Babies add so much to their parents' lives -- love, compassion and, oh, yeah, extra pounds. A new study out of the University of...
Study shows young, new parents take in more calories than their peers who don't have kids.

The Abusive Son: A Mother's Story

Rob and Jacquelyn Mitchard on a trip to Florence in 1991. Courtesy of Jacquelyn Mitchard A mother can take only so much abuse from her son -- and then she can take a whole lot more. Jaquelyn Mitchard tells how she finally found the cou...A mother can take only so much abuse from her son—and then she can take a whole lot more. Jaquelyn Mitchard tells how she finally found the courage to shut the door on the love of her life. And open it again.
Ask Advice Mama

'You're the Meanest Mom in the World!'

Dear AdviceMama, My 12-year-old wants to do things that her friends get to do, but I don't think she's old enough and she's furious ... what should I do? Signed, "Meanest Mom" Dear Mom, When it comes to contests, there's one that ne...We need to be our child's parent, and that often means they aren't going to like us, AdviceMama says.


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