Top 10 Social Sites for Kids

Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter aren't the only cool social networking sites on the Web. But before you register for any of these sites, be su...Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter aren't the only cool social networking sites on the Web.

Know that Face? Facebook Does

Facebook face recognition now makes tagging your friends on Facebook easier - even the really inappropriate photos. Credit: A...Facebook's new face-recognition software can now automatically recognize people in photos -- and add their name to the picture -- dramatically increasing the number of places that your teen's photos can pop up.

Best Road Trip Apps

Long car rides can make children antsy - ease their pain with these apps! Credit: Getty Images Road trips can be a time of family bondi...Your kid probably gets pretty antsy on those long car rides. Here are a few road trip apps to keep them entertained!

Computer Games Good for Kids' Brains, Researchers Say

The folks at Nintendo are promoting games that stimulate the mind and improve children's IQs. Credit: Getty Images Scientists say certa...Some computer games may boost kids' working memories, improve their grades.

Minority Kids Spend More Time With Media, Study Shows

Minority kids ages 8 and older spend an average of 13 hours a day watching TV, listening to music, using the computer and playing video ga...Minority kids spend more time with telvision and computer screens.

California Considers Expelling Kids for Sexting

Students in California can face expulsion for sexting. Credit: Getty Images Good thing for Rep. Anthony Weiner he is only a member of C...Congressman Weiner could be a big trouble if he were a California school student.

Missing Boys Found Safe After Woman Recognizes Them From Facebook Posting

A woman found two missing boys because of facebook post. Cerdit: Getty Images Facebook has been proven to have the power to reunite lon...Boys ran away from home, but woman spotted them after seeing Facebook post.

British PM Cracks Down on Sexualization of Children ... Politely

Under the proposed legislation, retailers would be asked not to sell salacious so-called "lad's mags" in brown sleeves. Credit: Getty Imag...Cameron urges "social responsibility, not state control" in protecting children.


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