Singer Rihanna Calls Violent Video 'Empowering'

Click here to watch the music video and decide for yourself!
Rihanna Credit: © John P Iblis/ There are two ways to ...
Parents says "Man Down" could encourage girls to kill.

Facebook Party Spins Out of Control

A teenage girl in Germany who forgot to mark her birthday invitation as private on Facebook fled her own party when more than 1,500 guests...Better check your Facebook settings before posting a party invitation online.

GPS Tracking: Should Your Teens Use Location Services?

Do you know where your children are? Foursquare does! Credit: AP Location apps change the game by identifying your physical location: ...These programs bring up two big issues: safety and privacy.

Teach Your Kids How to Use Creative Media Tools Responsibly

Even if kids think what they post is private, nothing is guaranteed. Credit: Getty Images Great technology not only gives kids tools to...Great technology not only gives kids tools to create, but it also empowers and inspires them.

Internet Safety for Middle School Kids

Middle schoolers lead digital lives, so why not make sure they do it safely? Credit: Getty Images In the middle school years, teens beg...Teens are using the Internet to express themselves and to experiment anonymously with different identities.

Summer Movie Preview: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Kung Fu Panda 2. Credit: Disney
With so many sequels, comic book-hero adventures and big-budget action and animated flicks h...
Pandas, cars, cowboys and aliens coming to a theater near you.

Worst TV Role Models: Is Snooki Teaching Your Kids?

Tony, from "Skins," sleeps with every hot girl in sight. Credit: AP
What Are Kids Learning from TV Characters?
When it comes to sex,...
Get familiar with the characters kids are watching -- whether you love or hate them.

Facebook Founder Says Challenging Age Limits Not a Big Priority

Mark Zuckerberg tells the press he just wants to explore opening Facebook up to young kids. Credit: AP Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg...Mark Zuckerberg clarifies previous statements about letting young children have Facebook pages.


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