Elizabeth Smart Looks to 'Beautiful' Future

Elizabeth smart and her father. Credit: Getty Images SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Nine years after being kidnapped, tortured and raped, Elizab...Nine years after being kidnapped, tortured and raped, Elizabeth Smart is ready to start a "beautiful" chapter in her life, helping other child victims who can't speak for themselves or are still missing.

Mark Zuckerberg: Let Children Younger Than 13 on Facebook

Would you let your young kids use Facebook? Credit: Getty Images Maybe Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is feeling nostalgic about wh...Facebook founder vows to challenge site's age restrictions.

Sorry, Tom & Jerry, Cartoon Violence Doesn't Reel Kids In, Study Finds

Credit: Amazon So, the Road Runner regularly blows up Wile E. Coyote with Acme explosives. And Tom? He's always taking a frying pan to ...Hold the avils! Kids don't actually love violent TV shows.

How to Protect Kids From Online Tracking

Tracking and profiling kids online -- and selling their information to advertisers and data brokers -- has quickly become widespread. Cred...Digital life has lots of benefits -- online tracking isn't one of them.

Anonymous Assaults: One Family's Battle With Tween Social Networking Site Formspring

Formspring is a comment-and-reply social networking site that lets kids post their deepest, darkest opinions completely anonymously. Credi...Cyber-bullying takes on a vicious twist with anonymous posts.

Raising Kids to Be Less Stuff-Centered

Since launching "The Story of Stuff" film and book, some people have accused me of being against stuff. I'm not; in fact I consider myself pro-stu...One of the toughest places to combat excessive consumerism is with today’s kids.

Video Chatting and Your Kids

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Unlike regular IM, where kids sometimes talk a big game, you can't be anonymous with video chatting. Credit: AFP/...
Video chatting is gaining in popularity and may bring up some sticky situations for parents.

Cheating Goes High Tech

Fifty-two percent of 13- to 17-year-olds admit to some form of cheating involving the Internet. Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc, Getty Images...Cell phones and the Internet offer new opportunities for cheating.


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