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Peanut Allergy Protest a 'Misunderstanding,' Florida School District Says

Officials for a Florida school district are saying that parents protesting efforts to protect one student from a peanut allergy is -- in a nutshell...Parents saying first-grader with severe peanut allergy is taking time away from their kids.

Asthma Study: Rest Your Inhalers, Boys and Girls; Drug Treatment May Relieve What Ails You

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Next fall, kids with asthma may be able to put down their inhalers and pick up a new asthma treatmen...
Drug shows promise reducing asthma symptoms in the fall.

The Word 'Retard': Stop Using It

Ellen and her son Max. Courtesy of Ellen Seidman. Let's say you have a child with disabilities who has cognitive delays, and when peopl...Try a little project: For a few days you will message people on Twitter who use the word "retard" and let them know the r-word is derogatory to people with disabilities.

Should Children Get Organ Donations First?

Just because you've been waiting the longest doesn't mean you'll be the first donor organ. Credit: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images With the ...The current organ donation system is first-come, first-served. But some think that's not fair to younger patients.

Children With Autism Learn Life Skills at School's Coffee Shop

Kids with autism learn life and business skills by running their own coffee shop. Credit: Getty Images Across the country, parents of c...At a New Jersey middle school, children with autism or multiple learning disabilities step out of the classroom and into the business world on Friday mornings when they run their own coffee shop.
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My 13-Year-Old's Impulsive Behavior Drives Children and Teachers Crazy!

Dear AdviceMama, My ADHD son has impulse problems. He is 13 years old and his behavior drives other children away. His teachers are beyond ...
Given how frequently he frustrates friends and teachers, he's probably highly sensitive to feeling scolded or reined in by those who try to force him to "act his age."

Autism Support Services Underused by Young Adults, Survey Finds

There appears to be a big drop off in the use of services for young adults with autism after they graduate from high school. ...The use of these autism support services by young adults with spectrum disorders appears to decline after high school, according to a new report.

Restricted Food Diet Could Help Kids With ADHD, Study Finds

c Food allergies could be causing your child's ADHD symptoms. Credit: Achim Sass, Getty
If your child has been diagnosed with atte...
A new study suggests that a special restricted diet should be part of the standard of care for all children with ADHD.


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