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School Forces 12-Year-Old Epileptic Boy to Leave His Service Dog at Home

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Andrew Stevens, 12, wears a padded helmet to prevent serious injury. But,...An elementary school in Virginia says it will not allow the boy to bring his service dog to school because of safety concerns.

Kim Stagliano, Author of 'All I Can Handle: I'm No Mother Teresa,' on Raising 3 Kids With Autism

Jacket design by Adam Bozarth It's a known fact that boys are affected by autism more than girls are -- the oft-quoted statistic is f...
The author says we're normalizing autism, "And that's a real concern for me."

Maternal Ambivalence: Dr. Barbara Almond Discusses the 'Hidden Side of Motherhood'

Dr. Barbara Almond tackles the topic of maternal ambivalence in "The Monster Within." Book cover design and illustration: Lia Tjandra
Do you suspect that you don't have the maternal instinct? You're not alone.

Elizabeth Edwards Gravely Ill With Cancer

The Edwards family on Monday, Dec. 6, 2010 issued a statement that said doctors have told Elizabeth Edwards that further treatment for her cancer wo...Elizabeth Edwards thanked her supporters on her Facebook page Monday, perhaps weeks away from the disease taking her life.

New Anorexia Research Indicates Genetics Are Involved

If you're anorexic, are you going to pass it on to your children? Credit: Corbis
Anorexia isn't contagious like a virus is, but according to the l...
Anorexia isn't contagious, but some children might be more susceptible to contracting the disease due to their family's gene pool.

'Thanks for the Stroke, Ma!' Study Says Divorce May Turn Kids Into Time Bombs

Getting a divorce might boost your child's stroke risk. Credit: Getty Images
Years from now, after all the therapy bills have been paid, after you...
If you're divorced, your kid might be able to blame having a stroke on you, too.

Dipping Vaccination Rates Putting More Kids at Risk

Skipping a vaccine now could lead to major health problems later. Credit: George Frey, Getty Images
Tyler Lundlum's story is one of being in the w...
The number of children enrolled in private health plans getting properly immunized declined by as much as 3.5 percent last year, according to a recent report.

When Autistic Son Denied Service Dog, Mom Bites Back

A Florida school district doesn't want any doggone service animals. Credit: Jennifer Hlad/Capital News Service/MCT
What's with the Collier County ...
Every dog has his day? Not in this southwest Florida school district.


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