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Sneak Veggies Into Your Kids' Meals

Credit: AP
Can't get your kids to eat their veggies?
Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have a cunning plan. They suggest ...
Sneaky researchers say you can double your child's vegetable intake.

Potato Chips are Piling on the Pounds, Study Finds

Potato chips make you gain weight? Who knew? Credit: AP LOS ANGELES (AP) - Blame the potato chip. It's the biggest demon behind that po...It's the biggest demon behind that pound-a-year weight creep that plagues many of us, a major diet study found.

Study Says 1 in 13 US Children Have Food Allergy

1 in 13 children in the U.S. have a food allergy. Credit: Getty Images CHICAGO (AP) - Food allergies affect about one in 13 U.S. childr...Peanuts and milk were the most common sources.

Kids Really Only Need 2 Cups of Milk a Day, Study Says

Kids only need two cups of milk and not a gallon! Credit: Getty Images "Fresh, wholesome milk ... Vitamin D, calcium, essential for g...Researchers strike a balance between getting enough Vitamin D without risking iron deficiency.

Prescription for Milk Allergies? Baked Goods

Cooked milk, baked into muffins, could wipe out milk allergies in children faster than just avoiding milk products entirely. Credit: Getty...Researchers find Muffin Connection that may help kids overcome milk allergies.

Lawmakers Defend French Fries as USDA Limits Spuds

Its a great vegetable. Credit: MTC WASHINGTON (AP) - Often maligned, the french fry is fighting back. The spud has had a tough time l...Often maligned, the french fry is fighting back.

Big Brother is Watching You Snarf Those Fries During School Lunch

Big brother is watching you eat lunch. Credit: Getty Images Big Brother is watching you. And he's saying, "Whoa, fat boy! Lay off the b...Watch what you eat, kids. Those surveillance cameras certainly are.

Getting Kids to Try New and Healthy Foods

"How do I get my child to eat fruits and veggies?" "Is it OK for my child to take a vitamin supplement and then eat anything he wants?" "My child ...Kids picky eaters? Commit to changes to get them to try new foods.


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