Nutrition: Teens


'What's Eating Your Child' Author Talks Misdiagnosed Mood Disorders

Depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety might not be mood problems after all. As nutritionist Kelly Dorfman tells Dr. Marc Siegel, these conditions c...Depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety might not be mood problems after all.

Rising Number of Tween Boys Vomiting to Stay Thin

16 percent of boys made themselves sick, compared with only 10 percent of girls. Credit: Getty Images Kids as young as 10 are vomiting t...Kids as young as 10 losing their lunches over the horrors of childhood obesity.

Prescription for Milk Allergies? Baked Goods

Cooked milk, baked into muffins, could wipe out milk allergies in children faster than just avoiding milk products entirely. Credit: Getty...Researchers find Muffin Connection that may help kids overcome milk allergies.

Food Pyramid Out, 'My Plate' in For Healthy Eating

A sample plate of the new food icon My Plate, is unveiled at the Agriculture Department. Credit: Susan Walsh, AP WASHINGTON (AP) - Ther...There's a new U.S. symbol for healthful eating: The Agriculture Department unveiled "My Plate" on Thursday, abandoning the food pyramid that had guided many Americans but merely confused others.

Researchers Take Aim at Energy and Sports Drinks

Energy and sports drinks often contain dangerously high levels of caffeine and herbal stimulants. Credit: Getty Images Distilled water ...Distilled water about the only safe drink left for kids.

Video Gamers: The Overeating Defenders of the Universe

Killing aliens makes a kid hungry. Credit: Corbis Space aliens have invaded Earth, demanding we have their dress shirts cleaned and pre...Research finds gamers pack away the pounds while blowing away the aliens.

Federal Regulators Take Aim at Toucan Sam, Calling for Healthier Food

The FTC is making food manufacturers and restaurants an offer they can't refuse: Provide healthier food or the toucan gets it. Credit: Get...Cereal killers? FTC makes companies an offer they can't refuse.

Life-Size Mutant Freak Barbie Meant to Bring Awareness to Eating Disorders

Introducing ... Mutant Freak Barbie! Gasp as everyone's favorite 12-inch fashion doll stars in a brand new, big-as-life adventure where she sc...
Barbie's proportions disturbing when blown up to life size.


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