Nutrition: Toddlers & Preschoolers


San Francisco Lawmakers Take the 'Happy' Out of McDonald's Kids' Meals

A proposed city ordinance in San Francisco would require the giant hamburger chain to either stop putting little toys for kids in those Happy Meal b...No toys for you! San Francisco moves to ban kids' toys from fast food meals.

How Much Candy Will You Let Your Kids Eat?

Do you let your little goblins consume all their sweet treats? Credit: Corbis A post-Halloween hot topic: how much candy will you let your kids e...

Not Just 'Big Boned': Chinese Toddler Weighs 140 Pounds

Three-year-old Xiao Hao is five times the size of a normal child his age. Credit: CEN / Europics / Rex / Rex USA
A 3-year-old boy in China weigh...
Some think the boy has China's "Little Emperor" syndrome, where families are allowed only one child, so they spoil him.
Credit: Getty Images

How to Childproof Your Windows

Do you have a minute (OK, a minute and eight seconds?) Good. Now watch this video on window safety from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an...Are your windows childproofed? Watch this video and see what you need to do to protect your kids.

Warning: Stop Using Infant Sleep Positioners Immediately or Risk Suffocation Deaths

Parents are warned to stop using infant sleep positioners immediately. Credit: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
The U.S. Consumer Product...
Two federal safety organizations issued a consumer alert today to warn parents to stop using infant sleep positioners, citing reports of 12 infants -- ages 1 month to 4 months -- who suffocated to death after being placed in the devices.
Family Chef

September Apples and Pears

If your family is like ours, you may have found yourselves ramping up your consumption of fast food or processed foods to the point that it surpas...Recipes for Apple Tart Tatine and Maple Walnut Baked Pears. Yum!

Circumcision: Is It Right for Your Baby Boy?

The decision to circumcise is up to parents. Credit: Nicole Hill, Getty Images The debate over circumcision heated up when the Center...
Dish Picks

Star Wars Pancake Molds Make a Galactic Breakfast

A good breakfast will help them fend off the Dark Side. Credit: Williams-Sonoma
Hungry for breakfast are you, hmm? Yeesssss. Sure, the Force ...


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