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Will You Eat Healthy This Thanksgiving?

Are you counting calories this Thanksgiving? Credit: Mitch Hrdlicka, Getty Images Thanksgiving is about three things -- football, fam...

School Nutrition Bill Could Be Revived in Congress

Michelle Obama's healthier school campaign to possibly be revived. Credit: AP WASHINGTON (AP) - First lady Michelle Obama's campaign fo...First lady Michelle Obama's campaign for healthier school lunches could be revived in Congress after two key Democrats said they will drop opposition to using funding from food stamps to pay for it.

San Francisco Bans Toys in Some Fast-Food Kids Meals

A Happy Meal at a McDonald's restaurant in San Francisco. Credit: AP SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - It's a happy moment for people who see the Ha...It's a happy moment for people who see the Happy Meal as anything but.

Report: Fast-Food Chains Increase Targeting Our Kids

At least the Happy Meal toy doesn't have any calories. Credit: Karen Bleier, AFP/Getty Images You might have thought that with all the ...You might have thought that with all the finger-pointing and concerns over childhood plumpness, America's fast- food industry would be trying to reduce the gut-busting, calorie-loaded, fat-filled offerings on their menus and the kid-targeted advertising. Not so.

Laurie David Talks About Her New Book, 'The Family Dinner'

Laurie David gives tips for connecting with your kids in "The Family Dinner." Credit: Amazon One of the best things about the work I do...The co-producer of "An Inconvenient Truth" is tackling another tough topic: Getting families together for dinner.

How Much Candy Will You Let Your Kids Eat?

Do you let your little goblins consume all their sweet treats? Credit: Corbis A post-Halloween hot topic: how much candy will you let your kids e...

When Parents Work Out, Kids Stay Slim, Study Says

Set a healthy example for your kids. Credit: Getty Images
No mom wants to see her kid's bare-bellied flab making its TV debut on "The Biggest Lose...
Moms can skip the Mommy & Me yoga and just take an adults-only class to keep their kids svelte, study shows.

Feds Consider Limiting Potatoes Offered to Kids

Kindergartner Joella Hein waits for tater tots to be served in the school lunch line at Naches Valley Primary School in Gleed, Wash. Potato growers...Potato growers are fighting back against efforts to ban or limit potatoes in federal child nutrition programs, arguing the tuber is loaded with potassium and vitamin C and shouldn't be considered junk food.


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