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Your Sleep Position May Save Your Unborn Baby's Life

Study shows pregnant women who sleep on their left side reduce the risk of stillbirths. Credit: Getty Images The position you sleep in ...Study says sleeping on your left side might be a matter of life and death for your unborn infant.

Could Prenatal DNA Testing Open Pandora's Box?

Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez, Getty Images NEW YORK (AP) - Imagine being pregnant and taking a simple blood test that lays bare the DNA of ...Scientists have taken another step in prenatal testing that could predict medical conditions.

British Mother Glad She Chain-Smoked During Pregnancy

Credit: Joe Raedle, Getty Images If you want to have strong and healthy baby, smoke at least 3,500 cigarettes while...Woman says cutting off oxygen to her womb made her baby strong.

Morning Sickness Excercise Video for Your First Trimester

This instructional exercise video can help alleviate morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy. So, move the furniture, grab a yoga mat...This instructional exercise video can help alleviate morning sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Even 'Full-Term' Babies Born at 37 Weeks Face Health Risks, Study Finds

Waiting to deliver as long as possible significantly decreases risks for your newborn. Credit: Getty Trust us, we know how excruciating...A baby born in the 37th or 38th week has a higher risk of dying in his or her first year than a baby born after 39 weeks.

Taking Prenatal Vitamins in First Month of Pregnancy Can Reduce Autism Risk, Study Finds

Prenatal vitamins reduces chances of autism. Credit: Corbis Doctors have been telling women for years to take their prenatal vitamins d...Prenatal vitamins taken before pregnancy or in the first month can help ward off autism.

Pregnancy Weight Loss Can Be Safe for Obese Women

Severely obese women who lost weight, rather than gaining the recommended amount, had less need for C-sections and were less likely to del...Severely obese women (those with a BMI of 40 or higher) could actually benefit from losing weight.

Every Week Counts Campaign Raises Awareness About Dangers of Early Induced Labor

Credit: Getty Images With back pain, insomnia and fingers so swollen they can barely hold a fork for the rare meal that doesn't result ...Over the past two decades, instances of induced labor have increased by more than 13 percent, a number that is, for the most part, attributed to a risein elective, rather than medical, inductions.


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