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Season in Which Babies Are Born Could Affect Everything From Allergies to Anorexia, Study Shows

The season in which a child is born could affect health long-term, research shows. Credit: Getty Images Expecting a spring baby? Your c...Winter, spring, summer or fall? Season your child is born in could have health implications.

Wheezing Infants Linked to Mothers' BPA Exposure

Ninety percent of Americans are exposed to Bisphenol A. Credit: Getty Images If your infant is wheezing a lot, it could be because you ...Researchers warn would-be moms to avoid products with BPA.

Pesticides Could Affect Babies' IQs Later On, Study Shows

Watch a video on testing IQ in children!
Mom's exposure to pesticides can lower babies' IQ. Credit: Getty Images Pesticides may kill ...
Study links pesticdes to IQ, but data largely in the eye of the beholder.

Website to the Rescue for New Mama Baby Health Drama

HealthTap brings the physician back into the health care equation. Credit: Getty Images It's a new-mom's dream come true: When you wake...A new site provides mommies with any health questions they may have 24/7.

Can What You Eat During Pregnancy Make Your Baby Fat?

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A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter the DNA of her child. Credit: Kei...
Craving chocolate during pregnancy? You might want to read this study before you dive in.

Pregnant Moms Who Exercise Help Baby's Heart, Too, Study Finds

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Pregnant moms who exercise deliver healthier babies, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Im...
Exercise will pump you up, but it also pumps up your baby.

First-Time Births Risky Business for Moms Older Than 45

Pushing 50? Know the facts before you get pregnant. Credit: Getty Images If you're pushing 50 and yearning to be a baby mama, it's do...The study is significant as more and more women are waiting to start families.

Frozen Donor Eggs Could Give Women More Pregnancy Options

Freezing donor eggs -- or your own -- could be a viable option for young women who want to postpone pregnancy. Credit: Getty Images Goo...Frozen donor eggs may work just as well as fresh ones.


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