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It's Possible to Get Pregnant Soon After Birth, Study Shows

If you just had a baby and aren't ready for the next one just yet, best use birth control. Credit: Getty Images Remember when, shortly ...Study says it's best to consider contraception as soon as three weeks after giving birth.

In Japan, Pregnant Women at Increased Risk for Radiation Exposure, Experts Warn

The risk for radiation poisoning is concerning for pregnant women. Credit: Getty Images For now, experts say the radiation coming from ...The risk of radiation poisoning could be more of a concern for pregnant women.

Miscarriage Mourning Lingers, Even After a Healthy Baby is Born, Study Shows

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Sadness from a miscarriage can last a lifetime. Credit: Getty Images
The grief following a mis...
The grief following a miscarriage loss can lead to prolonged psychological distress even after mothers deliver healthy babies.

Traveling in the Third Trimester? Consult Your Doctor

Should you travel in the third trimester? Credit: Getty Images Although most healthcare providers recommend that pregna...If you're in your third trimester, talk to your doctor before jetting away on vacation!

New Prenatal Blood Test to Determine Genetic Disorders Could Mean Healthier Kids, Rise in Abortions

Identifying genetic disorders, sex or even eye color could be possible soon with a simple blood test. Credit: Getty A new blood test fo...A simple blood test could tell if your baby has a genetic order, his sex and his eye color.

On Ramp to Autism: Do Freeways Trigger Autism?

Pregnant women living near freeways were almost twice as likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism, the neurodevelopmental disorder charact...Despite media attention, this study doesn't deliver much.

Pregnant Women Often Stamp Out Claims They Smoke

Smoking for two? Credit: Getty Images How do we say "she doth protest too loudly?" Next time you see a pregnant women dousin...
One in four moms-to-be who smoke while they are pregnant, deny it, according to a study.

10 Common Birthing Fears

Keep your eye on the prize. Credit: Corbis Giving birth is a monumental event in a woman's life –- a cause for joy, and, in many ...Freaking out about giving birth? We take on your biggest labor and delivery fears.


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