Your Turn: Honoring Our Grandmothers

My grandmother was a wonderful source of inspiration. Her intrepid, fun-loving character -- and the support she always provided -- greatly encouraged ...My grandmother was a wonderful source of inspiration.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. on Tracking the Family History of Slaves

By Henry Louis Gates, Jr. One of the transformative moments of my life occurred when my grandfather, Edward Gates, died in 1960. I was 10 years...As a parent, as well as an historian, I also encourage you to introduce your children to their family history.

Building the Branches of Your Family Tree

Family photos will help with your research. Credit: rick, Flickr Google the phrase "family tree" and you may be overwhelmed by what you...Creating a family tree can be a fun and meaningful activity.

How to Create a Family Tree

Software programs can help in your family tree research. Credit: MCT There are as many ways to make a family tree as there are types of...So, you want to create a family tree? Learn how to get started!
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My Son's Mean-Spirited Grandmother May Be Preventing Him From Grieving His Father's Death

Dear AdviceMama, My 9-year-old son lost his father last March in a motorcycle accident. His paternal grandmother filed for custody of...
It is clear that what your son needs and deserves is to have the unified support of his loved ones to help him through his grief.

All in the Step Family: 4 in 10 Americans Have Step Relatives

Stepkids, stepdads, stepmoms ... All are welcome in the blended family mix, a new survey shows. Credit: Getty In a real-life take on th...People say family ties are the most important priority in their lives.

How to Find the Light in an Interfaith Marriage

Christmas lights or a menorah? Different religions don't have to be a big deal in a family. Credit: Corbis You're an Irish ...People just assume interfaith marriages will result in conflict, drama and sometimes even hijinks and hilarity.
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When Relatives Give Your Child a Gift You Don't Allow, Things Can Get Awkward!

When my son was about 8 years old, one of his relatives gave him an Eminem CD. Having seen how intrigued my boy had been by the rapper's music when ...If you're confident that your relatives have given your child something entirely inappropriate, you have to take a stand.


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