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Suspended Teacher Finds Himself in Ungodly Mess

Is it OK for a teach to preach? Credit: Getty Images God is reportedly deciding whether to turn a Canadian teacher into a pillar of sal...A Canadian teacher was suspended for allegedly exposing children to religious perspectives other than their own.

Boy Says He Has Been to Heaven, Where Everyone Has Wings

Todd and Sonja Burpo may have believed an angel was looking over their 4-year-old son, who survived a life-threatening burst appendix. Colto...
Boy says everyone has wings, no one is old in Heaven.

Vaccine Exemptions for Religious Reasons May Face Stricter Guidelines in N.J.

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New Jersey laws may be getting stricter with regard to religious exemption from required vaccines....
Religious vaccine exemptions may face stricter guidelines in New Jersey.
A View From The Homefront

Why Lent Is Good for Your Family

For many, the word Lent conjures up images of stern nuns, hair shirts and Catholic schools circa 1951, but it's a ritual and tradition American famili...Lent is a ritual and tradition American families need now, more than ever.

Should Schools Be Teaching Creationism?

An apple for the teacher, or Eve? Credit: Getty Images Evolution. Creationism. Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, these are not typica...Thirteen percent of bio teachers "explicitly advocate creationism," using "at least an hour of class time presenting it in a positive light."

Who Decides a Child's Religion in a Divorce?

After you and your spouse split, who gets to make the religious decisions? Credit: Getty Images The Chicago Sun-Times has a story that ...One couple had so much trouble figuring it out that they ended up in court. What would you do?

Would You Want the 10 Commandments Displayed at Your Child's School?

Thou shalt not display at school? Credit: Rob Sheridan, Flickr The Giles County School Board in Virginia recently voted to display the ...Is it wrong to display the 10 Commandments, a religious document, at a public school?

Muslim Girl Back on Basketball Court After Being Benched for Wearing Headscarf

A 12-year-old Muslim girl, benched and forced to miss the first half of her playoff basketball game because of the religious headscarf she wears, is...A referee benched a seventh grader from a basketball game because of her hijab.


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