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Should a Divorced Parent Be Able to Veto Home Schooling?

Can a divorced parent say no to the other parent home schooling their child? Credit: Getty Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton ...Hillary Clinton a sorcerer? Dad concerned about what his home-schooled daughter is learning.

How to Find the Light in an Interfaith Marriage

Christmas lights or a menorah? Different religions don't have to be a big deal in a family. Credit: Corbis You're an Irish ...People just assume interfaith marriages will result in conflict, drama and sometimes even hijinks and hilarity.

I Gave My Nanny a Hijab for Christmas

Illustration by Dori Hartley "So I converted today," my 23-year-old American Italian au pair texted me on her day off. When she had l...When my nanny went from Madonna to Muslim, what else could I do but go with the flow?

Fostering a Sense of Wonder Helps Kids Become Spiritually Curious

Is your child spiritually curious? Credit: Corbis When the Rev. Matthew Johnson-Doyle's 3-year-old daughter asks questions abo...Involving kids in discussions that have no answers will help their spirituality evolve, Carrie Brown-Wolf, says the author of "Soul Sunday: A Family's Guide to Exploring Faith and Teaching Tolerance."

Online Dating Service Involves Jewish Mothers Because, Really, Is It Such a Crime to Ask for Help?

Such a nice boy ... Illustration by Dori Hartley Tzeitel: But Mama, the men she finds. The last one was so old and he was bald. He had ...Your mother loves and wants to help you find a date online. So sue her!

Christmas for the Non-Religious is About Love, Peace and the Right to Believe in Just That

Holiday spirit doesn't have to be religious. Illustration by Dori Hartley It's a balmy 80 degrees down ...Religion may not be our thing, but love? Well, that's something to believe in.

Women-Only Swim Hour for Muslims Makes Waves on Campus

Credit: Matt Roth, Getty Images Maybe Dara Torres could pull it off, but just try plunging into a pool and sprinting 100 to 200 meters ...In an attempt to be inclusive to all religious traditions on campus, last week George Washington University started "Sisters' Splash," a female-only swim hour.

Coming of Age Ceremonies Transform 'The Curse' Into a Celebration Embracing Womanhood

The Brave Heart Society believes that the transition to womanhood is something to be celebrated. Courtesy of The Brave Heart Society
Remember wh...
Remember when getting your period was a mortifying event? Not anymore. A group of South Dakota women have revived and reinvented a centuries-old ritual that celebrates a girl's entrance into womanhood.


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