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Catholic priest set to give birth

Remember the old joke about a man and his son are involved in an accident but when the boy arrives at the hospital, the surgeon says "I cannot operate...

"Hit a Jew Day" shows we've got a long way to go

When I was about five years old, someone spray painted swastikas on our garage door -- which really confused me because we were Catholic. Eventually, ...

Guy Ritchie vows to celebrate Christmas with his kids

Soon to be divorcee Guy Ritchie has some non-Kabbalah plans for his children this holiday season. According to sources, the Lock, Stock and Two Smok...

Rosary beads a gang symbol?

For those of the Catholic faith, rosary beads are a traditional way to keep track of one's prayers. A sort of spiritual abacus. But according to polic...

Burkas banned from school pick up

It seems they're pretty serious about carpool chic over there in the Netherlands and Burkas simply don't cut it. Well, actually, it's not so much abou...

Banned Book Week starts September 26th

When I was a sophomore in high school, my 70-year-old literature teacher sat down on the edge of her desk, curled her fingers -- ruined by years of ar...

Girls kissing girls - and liking it?

Perhaps you have heard of Katy Perry, an up and coming young singer who is working hard to shock and alarm parents while positioning herself as the an...

Uncle Bobby under fire again

Colorado librarian James LaRue has gotten another challenge to Uncle Bobby's Wedding, the book about a little girl guinea pig's concerns that her uncl...


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