Research Reveals: Babies


Children Could Benefit from Medical Research, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images You read about all these studies and research projects on ParentDish. Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee, I w...Many parents are unaware of the benefits of their children participating in research.

Breast-Feeding Reduces Children's Risk of Asthma

Credit: Getty Images While women's breasts often make grown men gasp and wheeze, they seem to have the reverse effect on nursing infant...Yet another study sings the praises of breast milk.

Go Ahead and Sleep With Your Toddler, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images
Does sleeping with a toddler leave the child socially maladjusted and lead to other developmental problems?
Researchers find sleeping with toddlers doesn't do them any harm.

Kids Safer With Grandparents Behind Wheel, Study Finds

Grandpa, will you drive me to school? Credit: Getty Images Quit grousing about senior drivers. Sure, they drive 45 mph on the freeway. ...Researchers find grandparents more cautious with kids in the car.

Car Exhaust Can Hurt Unborn Babies, Study Finds

Credit: Getty Images
Car exhaust might hurt unborn babies.
The Canadian website reports researchers at the University of Su...
Researchers find link between smog and babies born with respiratory problems.

Speech-Delayed Children Will Catch Up, Study Shows

Albert Einstein developed speech later than most kids. Credit: AFP/ Getty Images Albert Einstein supposedly didn't talk until he was 3 ...Research reassures parents that speech delays are not permanent disabilities.

Autism is Caused by Environmental Factors -- Maybe

After a study of twins in the 1970s, Autism became regarded as a genetic disorder. Credit: Mario Tama, Getty Images Your child wasn't b...New study on autism opens to widespread criticism.

Babies Show 'Mature' Response to Malfunctioning Toy

Researchers find babies have more reasoning powers than we suspect. Credit: Getty Images When something goes wrong, you don't pitch a...Researchers find babies have more reasoning powers than we suspect.


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