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Food Allergies More Likely in First-Born Children, Study Finds

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First-borns are more likely to be allergic to certain foods, a new study says. Credit: Getty Image...
Your big sister may pick on you, but at least she's allergic to peanuts.

Milk Allergies Might Be More Stubborn Than Experts Thought, Study Says

Studies indicate it may take longer for kids to outgrow milk allergies than experts originally thought. Credit: Getty Images Kids are s...It may take some kids longer to kick milk allergy.

Soothe Baby on a Clothes Dryer? Bad Idea, Hospital Says

Soothe your baby, but not with a clothes dryer. Credit: Getty Images Fed up with driving your baby around for hours every night until h...Clothes dryers should be used for drying clothes, not to stop babies from crying.

Frequency of Crib-Related Injuries Cause for Concern, Study Finds

Although safety standards continue to improve, crib injuries occur at alarming rates. Credit: Getty Cribs, playpens and bassinets are s...Although safety standards continue to improve, crib injuries occur at alarming rates.

Childhood Vaccines May Reduce the Risk of Cancer, Study Says

Study shows the hepatitis B vaccine may reduce the risk of kids getting one form of leukemia. Credit: Getty Childhood vaccines actual...Contrary to hysterical belief, childhood vaccines prove to be a good thing.

Tiny Babies Face Gigantic Odds, but List Provides Sliver of Hope

Survival rates of preemies seem to be improving with each decade. Credit: Corbis "My Child Made the Tiniest Baby List." This is no...Odds may be improving for tiny babies. Slightly.

Feeding Babies With Formula Could Put Kids at Risk for Obesity

A new study shows baby formula can lead to childhood obesity. Credit: Getty If you're planning on feeding your baby infant formula ra...A new study warns that formula puts kids on a path of obesity.

Sprouty New Age Medicine, Like, Totally Risky for Kids, Study Shows

Alternative medicine used on children can have negative effects, a new study shows. Credit: Getty You know that guy down at the food ...Side effects of medicinal herbs and vitamins not always groovy.


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