Research Reveals: Big Kids


Candy May Not Make You All That Fat, Study Says

Credit: Getty Images
Candy makes kids fat, right?
Ha! Wrong, Captain Tofu! Revenge could be sweet for the candy crowd. The Vancou...
Study funded by candy makers says candy's not that bad for you.

Study Attempts Accurate Portrait of Spanking

70 percent of college-educated women spank their kids while 90 percent of all parents believe in the practice. Credit: Getty Images Som...Real-world incidents of corporal punishment discreetly recorded.

Typing is Fine, but Handwriting Makes its Mark When it Comes to Learning

Research shows that handwriting increases brain activity. Credit: Getty Images Sure, typing is a skill kids need to learn earlier and e...Putting pen to paper can help students do better in school, researchers find.

Medicaid Kids are Denied Medical Care, Study Shows

Credit: Getty Images CHICAGO (AP) - Children on public insurance are being denied treatment by doctors at much higher rates than those ...Children on public insurance are being denied treatment by doctors at much higher rates than those with private coverage.

New Sticker Price on Raising a Child: $226,920

Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images
Do you really want to have a baby? Take another look at the sticker price.
You could buy ...
USDA releases annual report to seriously bum out parents.

Bullies Grow up to be Abusive Husbands and Boyfriends, Study Finds

Guys who were bullies when they were kids are dramatically more likely to abuse their wives and girlfriends as adults. Credit: Getty Image...Once a bully, always a bully, say researchers.

What's the Poop on Probiotics and Constipation?

Do probiotics relieve constipation in kids? Credit: Corbis Doctors refer to probiotics as "friendly" bacteria. Why? They help us poop. ...Researchers report probiotics had no effect on constipated kids, but many parents and docs still give them to children.

Love and Attention a Matter of Life and Death for Kids

Children institutionalized early in life have shortened telomeres, which may lead to health consequences. Credit: Getty Images We all w...Study shows children age faster, die younger, without TLC.


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