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Could Prenatal DNA Testing Open Pandora's Box?

Credit: Jose Luis Pelaez, Getty Images NEW YORK (AP) - Imagine being pregnant and taking a simple blood test that lays bare the DNA of ...Scientists have taken another step in prenatal testing that could predict medical conditions.

Fever During Pregnancy May Cause Rise in Austim Risk

Fevers during pregnancy could increase the risk of autism, sutdy shows. Credit: Corbis Catching a cold -- or even the flu -- when you'r...A series of new autism studies show pregnancy health links to the disorder.

Kneel Before Zod? Most Parents Aren't That Strict, According to Test

You may think they're mean but it turns out, most parents aren't that strict. Credit: Getty Images
"Kneel before Zod!"
Say what you ...
Parents say they want to be strict without being supervillains.

Every Week Counts Campaign Raises Awareness About Dangers of Early Induced Labor

Credit: Getty Images With back pain, insomnia and fingers so swollen they can barely hold a fork for the rare meal that doesn't result ...Over the past two decades, instances of induced labor have increased by more than 13 percent, a number that is, for the most part, attributed to a risein elective, rather than medical, inductions.

Can What You Eat During Pregnancy Make Your Baby Fat?

Watch a video on what to eat during pregnancy.
A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter the DNA of her child. Credit: Kei...
Craving chocolate during pregnancy? You might want to read this study before you dive in.

Pregnant Moms Who Exercise Help Baby's Heart, Too, Study Finds

Watch a video on exercising during pregnancy!
Pregnant moms who exercise deliver healthier babies, a new study finds. Credit: Getty Im...
Exercise will pump you up, but it also pumps up your baby.

Two Sisters Rule When it Comes to Family Harmony, Study Finds

Two sisters make for the most harmonious family life. Credit: Getty Images There may be something to the old schoolyard chant "Girls ru...A report shows that two girls makes "for the most harmonious family life as they are unlikely to fight, will play nicely and are generally a pleasure to be around."

Kids With Tourette Syndrome May Have Greater Motor Control

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Brain scans of kids with Tourette Syndrome revealed they were uniquely wired. Credit: Getty I...
Children with Tourette Syndrome may have greater motor control as a result of struggling to control their other problems.


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