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Pregnant Women Often Stamp Out Claims They Smoke

Smoking for two? Credit: Getty Images How do we say "she doth protest too loudly?" Next time you see a pregnant women dousin...
One in four moms-to-be who smoke while they are pregnant, deny it, according to a study.

Tiny Babies Face Gigantic Odds, but List Provides Sliver of Hope

Survival rates of preemies seem to be improving with each decade. Credit: Corbis "My Child Made the Tiniest Baby List." This is no...Odds may be improving for tiny babies. Slightly.

Epidural-Related Deaths in Childbirth on the Rise, but Still Rare

A new thing for pregnant women to worry about: complications from epidurals. Credit: Getty Whatever happened to spending nine months in...Women who died from complications from epidurals and spinal blocks during childbirth has risen since the mid-1990s.

Prenatal Vitamin Supplements Linked to Kids' Intelligence, Motor Skills

Can folic acid and iron supplements create a race of supermen? Well, they do help with intelligence and fine motor skills. Credit: Timot...
Folic acid and iron supplements capable of creating geniuses who can play sports?

U.S. Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low, CDC Reports

Not only is the overall U.S. birth rate down, but women are having their children later in life, as well. Credit: Getty
Looks like ...
The birth rate for U.S. teens fell to the lowest level ever recorded in 70 years of tracking teenage childbearing.

C-Sections Rise, Teen Birth Rate Falls in 2008

Teen birth rates are down, but more older women are having babies. Credit: Getty Images Americans had fewer babies in 2008, but more of ...A survey also found that the the number of women between 40 and 49 having babies went up.

A Shot in the Dark: Researchers Advise Flu Vaccine for Unborn Babies

Pregnant? Get your flu shot. Credit: Saul Loeb, AFP/Getty Images Does the sight of a needle make your child scream like a sorority ...
Yale study says getting flu shot when you're pregnant is great twofer deal.

Cell Phone Use by Pregnant Mamas Could Breed Brats, Study Says

Pregnant? A recent study suggests you might want to share the news in person. Credit: Getty
Every day, it seems, some new discovery is unearthed t...
Preggo? You may want to step away from the cell phones. This new study says they can cause behavioral problems in kids.


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