Research Reveals: Teens


Cellphones Don't Raise Risk of Brain Tumors in Kids, Study Finds

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Put down that cell phone, child! It'll rot your brain and give you cancer!
No reason to put the fear of God...
Researchers found kids with brain tumors don't use cellphones any more often than kids who are cancer-free.

Texas Study Shows Majority of Middle, High School Students Suspended or Expelled

Credit: Getty Images You don't mess with Texas, and, if you're in school there, you definitely don't wanna mess with the administration...Also noted: Minority students faced harsher punishments more often than white students.

Binge Drinking More Damaging for Teen Girls Than Boys, Study Says

Credit: AFP/Getty Images Never mind getting sick, getting busted or getting hurt -- when teenage girls binge drink, they could be damag...This could lead to issues when it comes to driving, playing sports, using maps or remembering how to get places.

TV Tells Kids Fame is the Most Important Thing in Life, Study Finds

Credit: Getty Images The most important thing in life is to be a good and kind person, to love yourself and others and take an active a...Fonzie, where are you when we need you?

Teen Births Down But Drug Use Up, Stats Say

More teens are taking illegal drugs, report shows. Credit: Nelson Antoine, AP Worried your teenage daughter is having sex? Relax. odds ...Annual report offers good news/bad news on the state of teens.

Soldiers' Children Often Face Long Term Psychological Issues, Study Shows

Ongoing wars taken a psychological toll on children. Credit: Majid Saeedi, Getty Images They used to call it "battle fatigue" -- the ps...Ongoing wars take a psychological toll on children.

Parents Quit Smoking (For Awhile) When Kids Have Surgery

Kicking the habit is hard, even when you're doing it for kids. Credit:Noel Celis, Getty Images Parents who smoke are more likely to qui...Kicking the habit is hard, even when you're doing it for kids.

Report: 90 Percent of Addicts Started Using as Teens

The teen years are a time when addiction is especially possible, because adolescent brains are more sensitive and teens are more apt to ...
Expert calls teen substance abuse America's no. 1 public health problem.


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