Research Reveals: Toddlers & Preschoolers


New Sticker Price on Raising a Child: $226,920

Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images
Do you really want to have a baby? Take another look at the sticker price.
You could buy...
USDA releases annual report to seriously bum out parents.

Deaths of Children Left in Hot Cars Hit Grim Record

Credit: AJ Mast, AP Images Rear-facing child safety seats are a problem. With children out of sight, they are sometimes out of mind;...Rear-facing safety seats blamed in part for parents forgetting kids.

Even a Little Lead Exposure Not a Good Thing for Kids' Test Scores

kids who ingest even small amounts of lead do worse later on in school tests than kids who stick to a strict lead-free diet. Credit: Getty...Eat lead? Not such a good idea if your plans include college (and life).

Tonsils Connected to Bedwetting?

If you remove a kid's tonsils and adenoids, he is less likely to wet the bed. Credit: Getty Images OK, this gets kind of technical, but...Researchers say less tonsils equals less wee-wee.

Early Childhood Memories Come and Go

Early childhood memories come and go until about the time kids hit their 10th birthdays. Credit: Getty Images Ask your 9-year-old about...Your child's earliest memory? It depends on the day you ask him.

One in Four Children in US Raised By a Single Parent

Credit: Getty Images MIAMI (AP) - One in four children in the United States is being raised by a single parent - a percentage that has...The percentage of kids being raised by a single parent is significantly higher in the U.S. than in other countries.

Treatments for Autism: What Works, What Doesn't

Watch a video on how autism can be treated.
Credit: Getty Images Moms of kids with autism usually try everything under the sun --...
There's new guidance in the world of autism treatment: While medications can be a mixed bag, behavioral interventions can help -- a lot.

Cruising for a Bruising: Car Seat Recommendations Too Strict?

Watch a video on how to choose a car seat. Forget the first birthday car seat switcheroo. Infants and toddlers riding in forward-facing car seats...The data on car seats tells a different story.


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