Research Reveals: Toddlers & Preschoolers


Food Allergies More Likely in First-Born Children, Study Finds

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First-borns are more likely to be allergic to certain foods, a new study says. Credit: Getty Image...
Your big sister may pick on you, but at least she's allergic to peanuts.

Ear Infections Latest Cause of Childhood Obesity, New Study Says

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Ear infections damage the nerves that conduct the "wow-this-is-yummy" signals to the brain. Credit: G...
Korean researchers tie ear infections to tubby tots.

Milk Allergies Might Be More Stubborn Than Experts Thought, Study Says

Studies indicate it may take longer for kids to outgrow milk allergies than experts originally thought. Credit: Getty Images Kids are s...It may take some kids longer to kick milk allergy.

Dental Care for Kids Needs to Begin With Baby Teeth, Study Shows

Open wide, little one! Credit: Getty It may seem painfully obvious, but a new study shows preventative dental care for kids and regular...Researchers say you're never too young for dental hygiene.

Frequency of Crib-Related Injuries Cause for Concern, Study Finds

Although safety standards continue to improve, crib injuries occur at alarming rates. Credit: Getty Cribs, playpens and bassinets are s...Although safety standards continue to improve, crib injuries occur at alarming rates.

Shocking: Kids Really Don't Care About Nutrition Labels

Study shows labeling laws didn't change how kids eat. Credit: Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/Getty Images "Merciful heavens, ...How many calories are in that burger? Oh, well. I already paid for it.

Timeout a Classic Form of Discipline That Actually Works, Study Confirms

Child acting up? Timeout may be the best course of discipline. Credit: Getty The next question, class, is multiple choice. Would y...No one expects (or needs) the Spanish Inquisition. Timeouts work just fine.

Bilingual Toddlers Reap Cognitive Benefits Over Kids Who Speak Just 1 Language

Teaching your child a second language, such as Spanish, at an early age can improve her cognitive abilities. Credit: Getty Parlez-vous ...Speaking a second language gives toddlers some cognitive advantages.


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