Research Reveals: Tweens


Cellphones Don't Raise Risk of Brain Tumors in Kids, Study Finds

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Put down that cell phone, child! It'll rot your brain and give you cancer!
No reason to put the fear of God...
Researchers found kids with brain tumors don't use cellphones any more often than kids who are cancer-free.

Parents' Attitude Affects Kids' Diabetes

Credit: Getty Images Kids with diabetes need to regulate their diets, monitor their blood-sugar levels and take the appropriate amount ...Right attitude can help kids control their diabetes.

Crossing the Street Can Be Risky for Kids With ADHD

Credit: Getty Images Albert Einstein may have helped unlock the secrets of the universe, but something as simple as crossing the street...Their bodies and minds are not always in the same place.

Texas Study Shows Majority of Middle, High School Students Suspended or Expelled

Credit: Getty Images You don't mess with Texas, and, if you're in school there, you definitely don't wanna mess with the administration...Also noted: Minority students faced harsher punishments more often than white students.

TV Tells Kids Fame is the Most Important Thing in Life, Study Finds

Credit: Getty Images The most important thing in life is to be a good and kind person, to love yourself and others and take an active a...Fonzie, where are you when we need you?

Swedish Researchers Tie Folic Acid to Good Grades

Credit: Getty Images
Hey, kids, want to grow up to be super smart like some sort of Swedish researcher?
Be sure to eat lots and lots...
However, American nutritionists say U.S. kids get enough of the stuff.

When Schools Report Students' Weight to Parents, Changes Seldom Happen, Study Finds

Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children. Credit: John Moore, Getty Images ...Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children.

Soldiers' Children Often Face Long Term Psychological Issues, Study Shows

Ongoing wars taken a psychological toll on children. Credit: Majid Saeedi, Getty Images They used to call it "battle fatigue" -- the ps...Ongoing wars take a psychological toll on children.


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