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Early Childhood Memories Come and Go

Early childhood memories come and go until about the time kids hit their 10th birthdays. Credit: Getty Images Ask your 9-year-old about...Your child's earliest memory? It depends on the day you ask him.

South Korean Autism Study Shows Rates May Be Much Higher Than Thought

2.6 percent of the children had autism -- more than two times the average rate reported in developed nations. Credit: AFP/Getty Images ...Researchers found 2.6 percent of the children studied had autism.

One-Sport Young Athletes Double Risk of Injury, Report Finds

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One sport? Double your chance of getting a sports related injury! Credit: Corbis The days of...
Kids who played multiple sports were injured less often than their one-sport focused peers.

Treatments for Autism: What Works, What Doesn't

Watch a video on how autism can be treated.
Credit: Getty Images Moms of kids with autism usually try everything under the sun -- fro...
There's new guidance in the world of autism treatment: While medications can be a mixed bag, behavioral interventions can help -- a lot.

Ostracized Overweight Kids Eat More, Exercise Less

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Credit: Getty Images When overweight kids are teased or ost...
Researchers suggests friends are a healthy alternative to food.

Food Allergies More Likely in First-Born Children, Study Finds

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First-borns are more likely to be allergic to certain foods, a new study says. Credit: Getty Image...
Your big sister may pick on you, but at least she's allergic to peanuts.

School Officials Often React Poorly to Student Suicides, Experts Say

The outpouring of grief over a suicide could be seen as glorifying the person who completed suicide, which may cause other teens to think ...The outpouring of grief over a student suicide could be seen as glorifying the person who completed suicide, which may cause other teens to think they want all that attention.

Goodbye, City Life? Farm Kids Have Fewer Allergies, Study Shows

Farm living could be ideal for kids with asthma and allergies, a new study shows. Credit: Getty "Green Acres is the place to be" may bec...A new study says kids who grow up on farms have fewer allergies.


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