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The Breakfast Club: Teachers Buying Food for Hungry Students

A new study shows teachers regularly see students come to school hungry. Credit: Getty For years, teachers have spent their own cash to...Teachers are feeding their students to help them make it to lunchtime.

Shocking: Kids Really Don't Care About Nutrition Labels

Study shows labeling laws didn't change how kids eat. Credit: Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/Getty Images "Merciful heavens, ...How many calories are in that burger? Oh, well. I already paid for it.

Kids With ADHD Face More Learning Disabilities and Other Woes, Study Says

Two-thirds of U.S. kids with ADHD have higher odds of suffering from other conditions. Credit: Getty If your child has been diagnosed w...Two-thirds of American children with ADHD have higher odds of suffering from learning disabilities and anxiety.

Study Links Working Moms to Fat Kids

Moms who work may have heavier kids. Credit: Getty All you working mothers can quit feeling guilty about leaving your children as you..."Mommy's working late again. Can we have Twinkies for dinner like last night?"

Girls Who Play Video Games With Mom and Dad Are Better Behaved, Study Shows

Go ahead and play video games with your daughter -- she may be better off for it. Credit: Getty Can't wrestle the video game controller...Girls who play video games with their parents are generally better behaved than those who play solo or not at all.

Video Games Can Cause Mental Health Problems, Study Finds

Video games may be affecting your relationship with your kid. Credit: Stockdisc, Getty Images Although most kids don't become addicte...Pathological gamers tend to be more impulsive, have lower social competence and are less empathic.

Falling in With the Wrong Crowd in Middle School Can Hurt Your Grades, Study Finds

Choosing the right friends -- especially kids who like school -- can improve your child's chances for academic success. Credit: Getty ...Choose your friends as if your report card depends on it. It does.

Parents Worry Where Kids Are Learning About Sex, Study Says

Do you want Kim Kardashian teaching your kids about sex? Credit: Jon Kopaloff, FilmMagic The doorbell rings. It's Kim Kardashian. ...Your kids want to learn about sex from you, not Kim Kardashian.


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