Bye, Bye Birdies: The Empty Nest

Snap Judgement: A Holiday Card Photo Dilemma

The author, third from left, and his clan win The Happiest Family photo contest in 1957. Credit: Davega Stores
My father was always taking picture...
Contemplating this year's Christmas card photo takes on a new, and sad, meaning.

When Adult Children Fight, a Mother's Heart Breaks

The author's sons, Alex and Nicolas, in simpler days. Credit: Jessica Barksdale Inclan
When my older son Alex was a child, he did everything bef...
Alex is an anarchist. Nicolas aspires to be a police officer. They used to fight about it constantly. Now, they just don't speak at all. One mother's tale on how she copes.

Confessions of a Childhood Bully

Do bullying wounds ever heal? Illustration by Christopher Healy
My sister was three years younger than me and small for her age. She had a pixie h...
I want to believe my sister is guarded only around me. I can't bear to think she is aloof with strangers and close friends alike, and that I helped make her that way.

Room for Baby: Sharing With Siblings

Now, this is the image you pray for when your toddler is sharing a room with your baby. Credit: Getty
Siblings sharing a bedroom is a fact of life...
Ask AdviceMama

My Son Is Awful to His Younger Sister. What Can I Do?

Dear AdviceMama, My 13-year-old son responds negatively to his 10-year-old sister. Since he was little, he has criticized her, whispere...
Imagine how you'd feel if your husband brought home a new wife and tried to convince you that he still loved you the same, and that he was sure that this new woman would add to the happiness of your family.
The Name Lady

Should We Use Two Middle Names to Keep the Peace?

What are your thoughts on using two middle names? I have two boys who would both like to select the middle name for their new brother. Of course, they...So you promised your kids they could name your next born? Welcome to the family, Poopie-head Fartface Smith. It's The Name Lady to the rescue!
Bye, Bye Birdies: The Empty Nest

Divorce: Saying Good-Bye to the Kids and the Nest

The author's children, Nick and Emily. Credit: Jeremy Gerard
Tears come easily to me -- an airline commercial can do the trick -- but crying, of t...
This dad shares his experience saying goodbye to his college-bound kids and becoming a single parent.

Big or Little, Sisters Help Ward off Depression

Sisters Serena and Venus Williams are partners on and off the court. Credit: Anja Niedringhaus/AP
She may be bossy or annoying and she might steal...


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