'Supersize' Families: The Joy of Having 8-Plus Kids

As a mother of eight, Michele Rusden says her calendar is key. Credit: Michele Rusden
When Melina Cummings, 37, of Montgomery County, Md., had h...
Bye, Bye Birdies: The Empty Nest

A Room With A (Point Of) View

Does the grown-up Emily still have dibs on her room? Credit: Jeremy Gerard
Last time Emily came home from college, she busted me for stashing a ...
Bye, Bye Birdies: The Empty Nest

Traditions Don't Have to Change, We Do

My wife is juggling Nick's PowerBook, trying to frame him, me and the menorah on the mantel so that his sister can see us all. I strike a match, touch...
Ask AdviceMama

Sibling Rivalry: My Son is Horrid to His Siblings!

Dear AdviceMama: My son is horrid to his younger siblings. I have tried punishing him, separating him and the like but it doesn't matter what I do,...
The Name Lady

A Boy Named Precious

My little brother's name is Precious. He's starting school next month and I am scared of what other people will say about him. When he gets older I a...
How Bad?

Leaving a Child Out - How Bad?

Do siblings always have to do the same things? Credit: AshD23, Flickr
"How bad is it to leave one child out?," a mommy blogger wrote via email....

Driver Finds Toddler in Busy Intersection

An Ohio toddler wandered into a busy road. Credit: Jupiterimages
How young is too young to babysit? One mother who asked her 9-year-old daughte...

Dating Your Kids Helps Keep Sibling Rivalry in Check

Spending one-on-one time with your kids can ease sibling rivalry. Photo courtesy Before my second child was born last August, I had oodl...


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