Single Parenting


A View From The Homefront

When a Parent Runs for Congress, Kids Get Front Row Seat to American Politics

Courtesy of Rachel Campos-Duffy
On November 2, my husband, Sean Duffy, had the honor of being elected to represent Wisconsin's 7th District in C...
I can now say with absolutely certitude that unless you've been through it, it's difficult to understand the toll it takes on candidates and their families.

Nervous Breakdown? When You're a Single Parent, That's Just Not an Option

Illustration by Dori Hartley
My 12-year-old daughter is finally at the age where, if I have to make a quick run to the store, I can leave her al...
When I leave, I say my "Single Parent Prayer," which sounds something like, "Please don't let me get killed while I'm outside. Or, at least, if I do get killed, let me come back from the dead to protect my child. Thanks."
Bye, Bye Birdies: The Empty Nest

Snap Judgement: A Holiday Card Photo Dilemma

The author, third from left, and his clan win The Happiest Family photo contest in 1957. Credit: Davega Stores
My father was always taking picture...
Contemplating this year's Christmas card photo takes on a new, and sad, meaning.

Tips for Divorcing Parents

A lawyer by the name of Joshua Ketover sent over these tips via his publicist. We typically don't reprint press releases, and we are certainly not end...So, yeah, the divorce process sucks. But you gotta do what you gotta do to keep the kids sane.

Find an Inner Gutsy Girl Through the Trenches of Single Parenting and Job Loss

"The Courage Companion" encourages you to embrace life, no matter how scary it may be. Credit: Viva Editions
You know that expression, "life happe...
Today is National Face Your Fears Day, and this new book can help get you on the right path.

Adoptive Parents Ordered to Surrender 3-Year-Old to Biological Father

In what may turn out to be a nightmare-come-true for adoptive parents, an Indiana couple risks losing their son today to the child's biologica...In what may be turn out to be a nightmare come true for adoptive parents, an Indiana couple risks losing their son today to the child's biological father in Ohio, after fighting to adopt the boy for nearly three years.

Lawmaker Wants to Help Crazy Parents Abandon Their Children

A South Carolina lawmaker wants parents to be able to abandon their kid until age 5. Credit: Getty Images
Uncertain about this whole parenting b...

Boston Dad Fights to Get Kids Back from Egypt

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. Colin Bower posts video messages to his sons on Facebook. He hopes they can see him, because he...


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