Social & Emotional Growth: Teens


SmackDown: Should You Let Your Teen Get Plastic Surgery?

If your teen doesn't feel pretty, does that justify plastic surgery? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Let My Kid Get P...
The rise in teen plastic surgery has us wondering if letting our kids get surgically altered is a good parenting move.

Looking for Next Semester's Elective? Think Journalism

Whether it's Introduction to Journalism, Newspaper, Yearbook or Video Production, a class that gets your teenager involved in the art of interviewing ...Taking a journalism class will make you a better person, if we do say so ourselves.

Is Bieber Fever Hazardous to Mental Health?

Do you have Bieber fever? Credit: Chris Polk/KCA2010/Getty Images for KC Parents of tweenage girls, Twitterers, trend-watchers-and the r...Justin Bieber plus canoodling gal pal equal lethal tweets.

This Holiday Season, Let Them Be Kids

A woman who attended my workshop took me aside to tell me about her son and his friend. They are 15, and the friend was dealing with some really upset...Teens are under so much pressure to behave older than they feel that it is a complete relief when they can allow themselves to let their hair down and really relax with their friends. And sometimes it makes them feel happy and comfortable to play like little kids.
Charles Sykes, AP

Miley Cyrus, Salvia and Parenting in the YouTube Age

Good parenting seems to get new enemies all the time: new drugs, new media, new "role models." This month's culprits: salvia divinorum, YouTube, M...Good parenting seems to get new enemies all the time: new drugs, new media, new "role models." This month's culprits: salvia divinorum, YouTube, Miley Cyrus.

New Recommendations for Maternal Depression

Screening for depression early on can help assure a healthy mom and healthy baby. Credit: Getty Images
Each year, more than 400,000 infants are ...
Each year, more than 400,000 infants are born to mothers who are depressed, which makes perinatal depression -- depression that occurs during pregnancy or in the first year after birth -- the most under-diagnosed obstetric complication in the United States.

Your Kid Crazy? Don't Worry, It's a Big Club

Is moodiness in teens a medical condition? Credit: Getty Images
Teenagers are nuts. Tell you something you don't know? Very well. Let's get cli...
Teens suffer from depression, anxiety, panic, hyperactivity and short attention spans. Who woulda thunk it?

Caution: New Teen Driver, Terrified Parent

It's easy enough for the folks at AAA to say parents need to spend more time teaching teenagers how to drive. Sure, let those people hurtle t...Study says parents need to spend more time on the road with inexperienced, jittery and dim-witted teen drivers


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