Special Needs


Kids With Special Needs Get (Gasp!) Bullied

Credit: Getty Images Brace yourselves for a shocker. Kids with special needs -- who struggle with medical, emotional or emotional issue...Researchers point out obvious, but also call for communities to help kids.

Parents' Attitude Affects Kids' Diabetes

Credit: Getty Images Kids with diabetes need to regulate their diets, monitor their blood-sugar levels and take the appropriate amount ...Right attitude can help kids control their diabetes.

Crossing the Street Can Be Risky for Kids With ADHD

Credit: Getty Images Albert Einstein may have helped unlock the secrets of the universe, but something as simple as crossing the street...Their bodies and minds are not always in the same place.

Parents of Children With ADHD Face Serious Stress, Study Shows

Credit: Getty Images There's no doubt ADHD is tough on the children who suffer from the disorder, but it's really hard on parents, too....The entire family should be considered when treating a child with ADHD, researchers say.

Lack of Sleep May Contribute to ADHD

Researchers found that preschoolers who don't get enough sleep often develop attention problems. Credit: Getty Images Lack of sleep c...
Sleep problems may be an omen of attention-deficit problems to come.

Kids With ADHD Face Greater Risk of Substance Abuse

Your kids could have substance abuse problems if they have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Credit: Getty Your child is...Nearly a third of kids with ADHD had substance abuse problems.

Brain Scans May One Day Diagnose Autism

Technology may soon lead to autism discovery via scans. Credit: Getty Images Someday soon a brain scan might be able to tell you why yo...Scans show differences in autistic brains.

One in Six U.S. Kids Reportedly Developmentally Disabled

At least one in every six children is now considered developmentally disabled. Credit: Getty Images Some say there is an epidemic of ch...Is there an epidemic of hyperactive kids or hypersensitive adults?


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