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No Link Found Between ADHD Drugs and Heart Problems

WebMD reports kids who take drugs for ADHD are not at a greater risk for heart attacks or strokes. Credit: Getty Images If you're bombi...Researchers found no connection between heart attacks, strokes and ADHD medications.

Opinion: Parents of Austic Children Have More to Celebrate Than Mourn

No matter how you slice it, it's a stressful job, and the hours stink. But the rewards? Phenomenal. Credit: Getty Images I am the singl...As parents, we should appreciate what we have rather than whining about what we don't.

Autism Takes Grim Financial Toll on Families, Especially Moms

Mothers suffer the most financially from having an autistic child, according to U.S. News & World Report. Credit: Getty Images Imag...Study says mothers of autistic kids take lower-paying, more flexible jobs.

Having Bipolar Parents Can Be (Who Knew?) Stressful

Imagine dealing with the vacillations and contradictions of someone else's bipolar disorder when you're a kid. Credit: Getty Images Par...Researchers measure stress levels in children of bipolar parents.

A 5-Minute Test Could Identify Autism in Kids as Young as 1

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A simple questionaire can diagnose your 1-year-old. Credit: Getty Images A five minute, 24-q...
A five minute, 24-question test could help determine if your child is at risk for autism at the age of one.

Parenting an ADHD Child, Age by Age

Watch a video on treating ADHD.
The benefits of following some tried-and-true parenting techniques can provide you with even greater rew...
Establishing good parenting skills, educating yourself, and advocating for your child are the most important tools for successfully raising your ADHD child.

Explaining ADHD to Others

Credit: Getty Images Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder -- like when your child has a meltd...Dealing with an ADHD diagnosis can be tough. The complexities of this disorder-- like when your child has a meltdown in the supermarket checkout line--are not easily understood.

Kids With Tourette Syndrome May Have Greater Motor Control

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Brain scans of kids with Tourette Syndrome revealed they were uniquely wired. Credit: Getty I...
Children with Tourette Syndrome may have greater motor control as a result of struggling to control their other problems.


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