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Teens on Facebook More Likely to Drink Than Their Non-Social Networking Peers

Teens who drink alcohol spend more time on the computer for fun -- listening to music and updating their online profiles -- than their non...Study finds teens who use computers for socializing and listening to music are more likely to drink.

I Love Mom Tattoos: Born in WWII and Going Strong

Credit: Getty Images If your rebellious teen has ever insisted that a cool new tattoo or nose ring is essential to his or her indivi...Is "I love Mom" just as cute in inked on skin as it is in a card?

Chastity Chic Underwear for Teens Asks, What Would Your Mother Do?

Credit: wwymd.com Here's one way to put the brakes on your relationship with your teen daughter: Buy her "What Would Your Mother Do?" c...Want your teen daughter to think twice about hooking up? Buy her "What Would Your Mother Do?" underwear!

Teen's Prom Dress Made From Starburst Wrappers Is Extra Sweet

We've heard of prom dresses made from duct tape, but Tara Frey's candy-wrapper frock for the big dance is so much sweeter. The high school s...
Mom spent six years creating dress made from candy wrappers.

Gay Teen Suicide Rate Lower in Supportive Communities, Study Finds

Watch a video on the importance of supporting gay youth.
Gay teens have it easier in some areas than in others. Credit: Justin Sullivan,...
Researchers find it's easier to be a gay teenager when you're surrounded by nice people.

Teenage Driving Study Reveals Why Teens Cause Accidents

Watch a video on safety tips for teenage driving.
Surprise, surprise! Why more teens get into accidents. Credit: Getty Images Pop qui...
Inexperience and immaturity causes more teen car crashes than alcohol or reckless driving.

SmackDown: Is College Sex Site Worse Than Your Average Hookup?

Illustration by Dori Hartley
Here's a Thought: Hit the Books, Not the Sack! by Jennifer Mattern Ah, co...
Is an online booty call worse? Two parents duke it out.
Ask AdviceMama

Help! I Can't Get My Teen Out of Bed in the Morning Without Shouting and Drama!

I have to scream every morning to get my 16-year old daughter up for school. She stays up too late and is always tired. Any suggestions?
Does your teen seem tired all the time? She's probably not getting enough sleep.


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