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Girls Staking Claims on Prom Dresses Via Facebook

Back off! That prom dress is mine I already claimed it on Facebook. Credit: Getty Images
It is the ultimate male bonding experience. ...
Websites avoid the trauma of two girls wearing (gasp!) the same dress.

SmackDown: Should Parents Drug Test Their Kids?

Is drug testing your kids a deterrent or a sign that you're not paying attention as a parent? Illustration by Dori Hartley ...Would you drug test your kids at home? These two ParentDish writers duke it out.

To Ace the SAT, It Pays to Know 'The Situation'

Has your kid studied up on Snookie for the SATs? Credit: Kevin Mazur, WireImage.com Here's another one to add to the parent guilt trip f...SAT studying could mean adding reality TV to your kids' homework.
Ask AdviceMama

Our Teen Has No Money Sense, and We're Stretched to the Limit!

Dear AdviceMama, My oldest daughter works and goes to college. My youngest is in high school. She used to have a part-time job, but now s...
The best way to help your daughter is to model financial responsibility by living within your means.

Should Teen Sexting Be Decriminalized?

Sexting is a crime in most states. Credit: Corbis A teenager sending nude photos to another teenager is considered a sex crime in most ...

Study: Smoking Impacts 'Decision-Making' Part of Teens' Brains

If teens are smoking, they might be making other poor decisions. Credit: Getty Images Teenagers are known to be impulsive, but a new st...Teenagers are known to be impulsive, but a new study suggests that if they smoke cigarettes, they might become even more reckless and less adept at making decisions.

Want World Peace? Harness an Untapped Resource: Kids

Imagine a United Nations made up of today's young people? They'd be tweeting the love. Credit: Osamu Honda, AP One need only turn on ...Move over, parents. The kids are going to get the job done.

CDC: Fewer Teens Having Sex

Credit: Getty Images Apparently, fewer teens and young adults are having sex, according to a federal study which offers numbers, but ...Apparently, fewer teens and young adults are having sex, according to a federal study which offers numbers but doesn't examine the reasons.


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