Can Being Too Perfect a Parent Mess Up Your Kids?

Sometimes, we feel like the official parenting motto should be "I just can't win." Honestly, you let your children take the reins when it comes to deciding what they want to do, and you're a slacker destined to raise hellion teenagers. You try...Being too over-protective of your kids could backfire, experts warn.

It's a Soda a Day for 1 in 4 Teens, CDC Survey Finds

Credit: George Doyle, Getty Images
"Mom, I'm so thirsty! Can you please pass the milk?"
Not a request most parents of teens expect to hear, but, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the most favored drinks among American te...
While many teens are still drinking soda, the amount of teens who consume it has dropped in the past 10 years.

Your Teenager's (Probably) Been Out in the Sun Too Long, Study Shows

Survey shows British teens are ignorant about sun safety. Credit: Corbis
"That kid has been out in the sun too long."
You probably thought that about your teenage son or daughter before, but now there is science to back you up. R...
Survey shows British teens are ignorant about sun safety.

Link Found Between Teen Sex and Divorce Rate

A study has shown that teens who engage in sexual intercourse at a young age are more likely to get divorced. Credit: Getty Images
Teenage girls may want to save themselves for marriage, that is, if they want to stay married.
Girls who save themselves for marriage more likely to stay married.

Is Predicting Kids' Athletic Future With At-Home Genetic Testing Possible?

Credit: Getty Images
By Dr. Robert Tozzi
Parents, trainers, coaches and athletes emulate many of our high-profile professional athletes. Unfortunately, more harm than good can come from most of these attempts. In my last column, ...
Companies claim genetic testing can help determine what sports may be best for their child.

Help, My Daughter is Being Cyber-bullied, from Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil reveals the best plan of action for dealing with cyber-bullies.
Also, don't miss from Dr. Phil on MarloThomas: My Kids Are Asking for Everything, from Dr. Phil Dr. Phil offers his expert advice to overwhelmed parents. How to Nav...
Dr. Phil reveals the best plan of action for dealing with cyber-bullies.

Poor Body Image Means Sleep-Deprivation, Carb Cravings for Teen Girls, Study Finds

Study finds correlation between sleep and body image. Credit: Getty Images Teen girls have struggled with their appearances for decades, but new research shows it's not just peer pressure that's contributing to their body image battles...Girls who worry about being skinny can't sleep and, as a result, eat more carbs.

New Rules to Cut Confusion on Sunscreen Claims

Watch Videos Related to Sunscreen UVA Ratings
Devon Garrison plays in the pool at the clubhouse of his sub-division in Montgomery, Ala., Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Garrison wears sunscreen with an SPF factor of 100. Credit: AP WASHIN...
Under new rules published Tuesday, sunscreen will also have to protect against the more penetrating ultraviolet A rays associated with skin cancer.


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