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New Rules to Cut Confusion on Sunscreen Claims

Watch Videos Related to Sunscreen UVA Ratings
Devon Garrison plays in the pool at the clubhouse of his sub-division in Montgomery, Ala., Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Garrison wears sunscreen with an SPF factor of 100. Credit: AP WASHIN...
Under new rules published Tuesday, sunscreen will also have to protect against the more penetrating ultraviolet A rays associated with skin cancer.

Top 10 Toys for Surf and Sand

When the sun is blazing, staying dry outside just isn't an option. Adding water toys to the mix can make the outdoors bearable -- and even enjoyable! From slip 'n' sides to water floats, this guide has everything your kids need to beat the heat and h...From slip n' sides to water floats, this guide has everything your kids need to beat the heat and have fun in the sun!

How to Prevent and Treat Poison Ivy

There's nothing more irritating than a skin rash to set your summer activities back. Poison Ivy is among the most common skin rashes to get while playing outside during the summer. Watch this video on how to get rid of the plants in your yard and how...There's nothing more irritating than poison ivy to set your summer activities back.

How to Play: Siamese Gift Wrap

Wrap it up! Credit: mattbuck4950, Flickr
What you need: Wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows and presents or empty boxes.
How to play: Pair up players, and let them know that they will be competing against each other, two pairs at a...
The pair with the best-wrapped present wins.

New Sticker Price on Raising a Child: $226,920

Credit: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images
Do you really want to have a baby? Take another look at the sticker price.
You could buy a top-of-the-line Mercedes Benz SLS for the same amount of money -- and have a few bucks left over g...
USDA releases annual report to seriously bum out parents.

How to Play: Euchre

Get three "tricks" and win the game! Credit: Getty Images What you need: You need four players and a deck of 24 standard playing cards consisting of the aces, kings, queens, jacks, 10, and 9 of each of the four suits. A standard 52-car...Get three "tricks" and win the game!

Deaths of Children Left in Hot Cars Hit Grim Record

Credit: AJ Mast, AP Images
Rear-facing child safety seats are a problem. With children out of sight, they are sometimes out of mind; parents forget there's a baby on board.
We wonder, how could they forget something like that? Bu...
Rear-facing safety seats blamed in part for parents forgetting kids.

First Lady Targets Healthy Habits for Toddler Set

First lady Michelle Obama visits CentroNia, a bilingual child care facility in Washington, Wednesday, June 8, 2011. Credit: Charles Dharapak AP WASHINGTON (AP) - Michelle Obama dropped in on lunch and circle time at a Washington chil...Michelle Obama announced a new national initiative to encourage child care centers to promote healthy eating and exercise habits.


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