Dish Picks

Habaland Play Blocks

Start building with Habaland Play Blocks. Credit: If there's a child in your life turning 1 soon, we've got the perfect birt...Kids 1 and older can start to build mini towns with this wood block set.
Dish Picks

Penguin Race Game

Watch penguins race in this fun game. Credit: Between "Mr. Popper's Penguins" and "Happy Feet 2" we're seeing black and whit...
Dish Picks

Two Headed Curly Serpent Raft

Pool fun takes on a slithering new toy. Credit: They say two heads are better than one, and when it comes to this water toy,...Kids will have a blast as they splash around with this beast of a raft.
Dish Picks

'Captain America: The First Avenger' Disc Launching Shield

Calling all crime fighters: Make like Captain America and save the day with this disc launching shield. Credit: Got a...The movie hits theaters next month -- your kid's crime fighting can start today.
Dish Picks

Pumponator Water Balloon Toy

Pump up the summer fun with a water balloon fight. Credit:
This toy is so gonna pump (clap) your kids up this summer.
Did somebody say water balloon fight?
Dish Picks

Step2 Skyward Summit

Climb a mountain in your own back yard. Credit: If you've ever wished you could just tell your kids to go take a hike during...Can't get to the mountains this summer? Bring the mountain to your kids.
Dish Picks

PetCakes Cupcake Toys

PetCakes come in their own cupcake wrapper. Credit: Anyone who knows us can easily tell we have a thing for sweets. Ice cr...These sweet plush toys come in the cutest containers.
Dish Picks

Spielstabil Ice Cream Set

Scoop up fun with this ice cream set. Credit: Summer and ice cream are always a winning combination, so why not scoop up a l...Play ice cream shop in the sand, then wash it up and dish up real ice cream later.


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