Setting Screen Limits: Top 3 Tips

Credit: Corbis
Not all screens are created equal
* Kids spend nearly 7.5 hours per day with media. * Balancing media usage is a...
Kids as young as 8 are spending nearly 7.5 hours per day consuming media.

'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom Aggressively Whitens Kids' Teeth

Mothers who enter their preschool tots in beauty pageants are usually gentle, laid-back souls who just want their little ones to meet other kids a...Son of a bleach! Some say mom goes too far for white teeth.
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Martha Stewart & AOL Launch 'Martha & Friends'

Martha and her friends are cooking up crafts, games and activities at Credit: Martha & Friends Why should gro...A 10-year-old animated Martha Stewart is here to help bring out creativity in your kids.

Worst TV Role Models: Is Snooki Teaching Your Kids?

Tony, from "Skins," sleeps with every hot girl in sight. Credit: AP
What Are Kids Learning from TV Characters?
When it comes to sex,...
Get familiar with the characters kids are watching -- whether you love or hate them.

'Modern Family' and Me: The Men in the Mirror

Question: Where can I find the following family? Two gay dads -- one slender and uncomfortable offering public displays of affection, the other...Watching "Modern Family" is like looking in a mirror.

Mom Was Right: Too Much TV Hurts Your Eyes

Watch a video on eye care for children.
Step away from the TV. Credit: Getty Images Scientists remain split on whether or not making ...
Study confirms what mothers have always nagged about.

TV Review: 'The Suite Life Movie'

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Zack and Cody are onto their next adventure! Credit: WireImage
Rated ON for Ages 9 and Up
"The Suite Life Movie" is a tween-friendly show based on the hit television series.

Books, Movies, Games, and TV to Share With Kids

Check out video from International Toy Fair 2011
Share these fun things to do with your kids! Credit: Getty Images When you walk into...
Books, movies and games are more fun when you share them.


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