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Is Bieber Fever Hazardous to Mental Health?

Do you have Bieber fever? Credit: Chris Polk/KCA2010/Getty Images for KC Parents of tweenage girls, Twitterers, trend-watchers-and the r...Justin Bieber plus canoodling gal pal equal lethal tweets.
Charles Sykes, AP

Miley Cyrus, Salvia and Parenting in the YouTube Age

Good parenting seems to get new enemies all the time: new drugs, new media, new "role models." This month's culprits: salvia divinorum, YouTube, M...Good parenting seems to get new enemies all the time: new drugs, new media, new "role models." This month's culprits: salvia divinorum, YouTube, Miley Cyrus.

Report Looks at Internet as Influence in Suicides

Rutgers students attend a candlelight vigil for suicide victim Tyler Clementi. Credit: Reena Rose Sibayan, AP
The increase in the number of repo...
The increase in the number of reports about online suicide pacts, often between people who have never even met, suggest the possibility of a growing phenomenon, according to a new report.
Free-Range Lenore

I'm Pro-Boy Scouts (And Pro-Gay)

If I'd thought about it harder, maybe I wouldn't have said, "Sure!" when my son asked me if he could tag along with his friend to a Boy Scout meeting ...In an era when we are realizing how terrible it is to ostracize (or bully) young men about their sexual orientation, why are the Boy Scouts kicking those kids to the curb?

Is It Wrong to Retouch School Pictures?

Do you want to see that zit at your 20-year reunion? Credit: Chris Oberhholtz/Kansas City Star/MCT
Retouching -- it's not just for models anymore....
What parent or child wants to remember the giant zit they had on Class Picture Day?

Cheat Sheet: Ultimate Holiday Wish List, Diabetes Awareness Month and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" -- the beginning of the end is here. Your children are likely to be very excited (hey, we are, too) about...Get the lowdown on all the hot topics your kids will be talking about.

Is Tween Fashion Too Sexy?

A recent shopping trip to her local mall turned into a jaw-dropping experience for Roxann Reid-Severance. As the Chicago-area mother of two girl..."Hookers on parade," is how one mom describes the dresses she saw on display during a recent mall visit.

Tweets, Texts and Facebook Cost Young People True Friendships, Says Author

Jeanne Martinet, an author who has become the mistress of mingling, says texting and tweeting is putting too much distance between ...Can real intimacy be achieved via iPhone? Jeanne Martinet doesn't think so.


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