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Cheat Sheet: Hair Whipping, Bieb-er-lantern and More Halloween

Willow's hair whipping is a bad idea. Credit: Sony
Willow Smith has two incredibly famous parents and a brother, Jaden Smith, who's slowly mak...
The effects of whipping your hair about like Willow does in her music video could be similar to getting whiplash -- YIKES!

Is Halloween Just for Kids?

Enjoy your tricks and treats while you're young. Credit: Getty Images
Some cities are moving to put a stop to teenage trick-or-treaters, sending a...

Your Kid Crazy? Don't Worry, It's a Big Club

Is moodiness in teens a medical condition? Credit: Getty Images
Teenagers are nuts. Tell you something you don't know? Very well. Let's get cli...
Teens suffer from depression, anxiety, panic, hyperactivity and short attention spans. Who woulda thunk it?

Organizing Tip From The Spacialist

Ever feel that no matter how much you've done that you always have so much more to do? Erica Ecker, an organizing extraordinaire known to many as The ...Ever feel that no matter how much you've done that you always have so much more to do?

Caution: New Teen Driver, Terrified Parent

It's easy enough for the folks at AAA to say parents need to spend more time teaching teenagers how to drive. Sure, let those people hurtle t...Study says parents need to spend more time on the road with inexperienced, jittery and dim-witted teen drivers

Monique Coleman of 'High School Musical' Starts Web Series to Tackle Teen, Tween Issues

Monique Coleman is reaching out to teens and tweens with "GimmeMo." Credit: David Livingston, Getty Images
Oprah Winfrey may be queen when it come...
Monique Coleman wants to open the dialogue on tween and teen issues.

Semester Abroad Leads to More Brewskis and Vino for College Students

Drinking in college increases when students study abroad. Credit: Getty Images
In the midst of gaining cross-cultural skills, learning a foreign l...
College students are getting their drink on when they study abroad, a new study shows.

For Gay Youths, Middle School Can Be Toughest Time

High school senior student Isaiah Baiseri, who heads a gay-straight alliance group at his high school, says he started to realize he was gay when he...Experts say they are increasingly seeing evidence that middle school is the toughest time for gay youth. It's a time of intense self-discovery, but also a time when bullying and intolerance is at its peak.


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