Twins, Triplets, Multiples


More to Love: Famous Moms of Multiples

Celebrities are known for doing everything a little bit bigger, a little bit more dramatically than regular folks, and when it comes to childbearing...

Heavier Twin May Have More Behavior Problems, Study Finds

Same appearance, different experiences. Credit: Getty Images
That chubby little baby may be cute and cuddly, but if she's a twin she's more likely...
The Name Lady

Are Matching Twin Names Too Cheesy?

How do you feel about anagram names? I am debating whether or not the names Celia and Alice would be okay for my twin girls. My husband says that th...

'Quadruplets' Born Three Years Apart

The amazing "quadruplets" born three years apart, Grantham, Lincolnshire, Britain - Feb 2010 Credit: Gary Roberts, Rex / Rex USA
In January, 3-year...

Oh, Baby, Baby: Woman Gives Birth Twice in One Week

Usually, twins are born mere minutes -- or even seconds -- apart. In the case of one Ohio woman, however, her babies were delivered an entire week a...

Will Porn and PETA be Octomom's Latest Saviors?

Nadya Suleman's got housing issues. Credit: Robyn Beck, AFP / Getty Images
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Nadya Suleman's octuplets have brought her plent...

Is It Possible to Avoid the Princess Phase?

Down with Cinderella! My twins aren't even three years old, and I'm already sick of that girly triumvirate that seems impossible to escape when you...

Seven Tips To Help New Moms Get Fit

Since giving birth two-and-a-half years ago, a few things about my personal appearance have gone by the wayside: My makeup regime (down to a slick of ...


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